Create a Strong Password in 3 Easy Steps

With the amount of information we share everyday, whether it's online banking, shopping, or sharing photos or videos, most of the passwords people use to protect their data are not very strong and be easily guessed if you know the person.

When setting up an account, most passwords are required to be 8-16 characters long, have uppercase as well as lowercase letters, numbers and special characters included. Coming up with a strong password can be hard to do at random, So here are 3 easy steps to create a very strong password.

Step 1

I usually pick a song title, but you can use a simple phrase or random words if you wish.

Highway To Hell

Step 2

This song tittle has some recurring letters, so let's change that by picking numbers and special characters, and changing some lowercase letters to uppercase and vice-versa.


Step 3

You could leave the password as it is or you could do what I like to do with it. Pick roughly the halfway point

Hi3@Wa yT1*eL7

and the start of the second part becomes the start of your new password:


There you have it, a strong password in 3 easy steps, just remember you need to keep this password somewhere safe, and not to lose it so you will not get locked out of your own account.