Recommended Windows Apps

The amount of apps that run on windows number in the millions, but what do you really need to get up and running. Some sites will gleefully ask you to download anything from bogus flash player to the annoying ask toolbar. Let's separate the wheat from the chaff.

Web Browser

Most people want to access the internet. Internet Explorer is the best browser in the world to download a better browser. I highly recommend Firefox or Chrome

Flash Players

There is only one Adobe flash player, any other shifty website that tell you that you need another one to view that content is lying to you.

Anti Virus

Virus scanners can be free or paid. But so far this year Avira Antivir has came out on top for free anti virus, with esets' nod32 coming top for paid.

Media Players

Everyone knows about iTunes and Windows Media Player. While these are good music players, so is the lesser known foobar2000 and if you want to watch movies on your pc, VLC is the most powerful media player out there.

Video Converters

The amount of people who download bogus video converters is astounding, especially when one of the best, Handbrake, is free and open source


See those annoying popups in your taskbar asking you to update Java, do it. As long as it's from Oracle. Keeping your system fully updated is the most secure it can be.

Where can I get all these Apps from the one place?

Simple, Just go to ninite, check mark which apps you would like and download the file. Once it's downloaded, it's just a double click away from installing eveything with ease, and no irritating toolbars!